Football Strike - Multiplayer Soccer Achievement List

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Total XP61000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


sharp-shooter_15 achievement icon
Sharp Shooter 3000 XP
Win 35 Shooting Race matches
shooting-race-champ achievement icon
Win a shooting race in Tier 3
shooting-race-master achievement icon
Win a shooting race in Tier 4
megashot achievement icon
Megashot 1000 XP
Hit a moving target center with a supercharged ball
legendary-shooter achievement icon
Score 45+ points in a Shooting Race match
face-off-veteran achievement icon
Win 35 Free Kicks matches
technical-player achievement icon
Score with a special move 30 times
free-kicks-champ achievement icon
Win a Free Kicks match in Tier 3
free-kicks-master achievement icon
Win a Free Kicks match in Tier 4
wonder-goal achievement icon
Wonder Goal 1000 XP
Score by hitting the top post or pole
gold-spinner achievement icon
Gold Spinner 2000 XP
Spin the Gold Wheel
pocket-money_5 achievement icon
Pocket money 2000 XP
Collect Free Coins 25 times
challenge-accepted_6 achievement icon
Play with a friend 20 times
team-player_7 achievement icon
Team Player 2000 XP
Invite 10 friends
high-lifestyle achievement icon
High Lifestyle 2000 XP
Find 5 Premium items in bags
dressed-to-impress achievement icon
Find 5 VIP items in bags
true-football-fan achievement icon
Collect 20 balls
always-improving achievement icon
Upgrade 9 times the Standard balls
getting-stronger_1 achievement icon
Upgrade 9 times the Premium balls
road-to-the-top achievement icon
Road To The Top 4000 XP
Upgrade 8 times the VIP balls
faster-than-light_2 achievement icon
Shoot at 180 km/h or more
amazing-collection achievement icon
Open 10 bags
powered-up_1 achievement icon
Powered Up 3000 XP
Upgrade stats 7 times
good-friend achievement icon
Good Friend 2000 XP
Send 20 gifts
perfectionist_21 achievement icon
Perfectionist 4000 XP
Get all stars in 6 career stadiums
geared-for-success achievement icon
Win 25 matches using the 2018 Champion ball
golden-player achievement icon
Golden Player 2000 XP
Play the Golden Lucky Shot
perfect-shooter achievement icon
Perfect Shooter 1000 XP
Score a Perfect Shot in Lucky Shot
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