Flat Army Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Flat Army below. This game is developed by Solar-Games. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP35500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


grunt achievement icon
Grunt 500 XP
Reach level 5.
seasoned_7 achievement icon
Seasoned 1000 XP
Reach level 15.
hardboiled achievement icon
Hardboiled 2000 XP
Reach level 30.
ultraviolence achievement icon
Ultraviolence 1000 XP
Break into pieces 100 enemies
destroyer_5 achievement icon
Destroyer 2000 XP
Destroy 1,000 objects.
shooter achievement icon
Shooter 2000 XP
Kill 1,000 enemies with an automatic weapon.
trooper achievement icon
Trooper 2000 XP
Kill 1,000 enemies with a shotgun.
bullseye_1 achievement icon
Bullseye 2000 XP
Kill 1,000 enemies with a sniper rifle.
grenadier achievement icon
Grenadier 2000 XP
Kill 1,000 enemies with a grenade launcher.
hasher achievement icon
Hasher 2000 XP
Kill 1,000 enemies with a close-combat weapon.
head-hunter achievement icon
Head Hunter 2000 XP
Kill 500 enemies with headshots.
a-fistful-of-dollars achievement icon
Get 5 weapons.
for-a-few-dollars-more achievement icon
Get 25 weapons.
lord-of-war achievement icon
Lord of War 2000 XP
Get 50 weapons.
three-in-a-row achievement icon
Three in a Row 1000 XP
Complete a 3-person killing spree.
serial-killer achievement icon
Serial Killer 2000 XP
Complete a 4-person killing spree.
payback achievement icon
Payback 500 XP
Kill a sniper with a close-combat weapon.
live-die-repeat_1 achievement icon
Die and come back to life 15 times in one match.
every-second-counts achievement icon
Rise to the top and win in the last 10 seconds of a match.
exclusive achievement icon
Exclusive 2000 XP
Get a rare weapon.
bulletproof_1 achievement icon
Bulletproof 1000 XP
Stay alive for 30 seconds after taking 90% damage.
we-ll-be-together-in-paradise achievement icon
Deal deadly damage to an enemy and then die because of an enemy grenade.
obstacles-in-our-path achievement icon
Jump over 1,000 objects.
graduate_1 achievement icon
Graduate 500 XP
Complete the tutorial.
my-first-time_1 achievement icon
My First Time 500 XP
Kill one enemy in multiplayer.
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