FarmVille 2: CountryEscape Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for FarmVille 2: CountryEscape below. This game is developed by Zynga. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP32500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


budding-salesman achievement icon
Sell 10 items at the Farm Goods Order Board.
uberfarmer achievement icon
Uberfarmer 1000 XP
Sell 100 Goods on the Farm Orders Board.
food-fight achievement icon
Food Fight 1500 XP
Sell 20 Tomatoes in 10 minutes.
grape-smasher achievement icon
Grape Smasher 500 XP
Sell 10 pairings at Sophia’s Tasting Table.
sommelier achievement icon
Sommelier 1000 XP
Sell 100 pairings at Sophia’s Tasting Table.
cork-popper achievement icon
Cork Popper 1500 XP
Sell 50 Champagne at Sophia’s Tasting Table.
a-little-clammy achievement icon
Sell 10 Clams at Pike’s Landing.
seriously-crabby achievement icon
Sell 50 Crabs at Pike’s Landing.
aren-t-you-special achievement icon
Sell 7 Specials in 1 day.
training-wings achievement icon
Complete 2 orders for Eagle Eye Eddie.
no-fear-of-flying achievement icon
Get 10 Gold Stamps from Eagle Eye Eddie.
don-t-drink-and-fly achievement icon
Sell 20 bottles of Chardonnay to Eagle Eye Eddie.
farm-forager achievement icon
Farm Forager 500 XP
Unlock Grandma’s Glade.
mine-all-mine achievement icon
Mine All Mine 1000 XP
Unlock Merryweather Mine.
the-rarest-rewards achievement icon
Find 10 Chives, 10 Mint, 10 Copper and 10 Pearls.
totally-chicken achievement icon
Win 1 Yellow Ribbon with a Prized Chicken.
moooo achievement icon
Moooo 500 XP
Win 1 Yellow Ribbon with a Prized Cow.
prize-pig achievement icon
Prize Pig 1000 XP
Win 2 Red Ribbons with a Prized Pig.
animal-farm achievement icon
Animal Farm 1500 XP
Reach 3 Stars with 6 Prized Animals.
land-trader achievement icon
Land Trader 500 XP
Sell 25 Wheat at your Farm Stand.
sea-trader achievement icon
Sea Trader 1000 XP
Sell 50 Shrimp at your Farm Stand.
trading-places achievement icon
Trading Places 1500 XP
Buy 100 items from the Global Farming Community.
helping-hand_3 achievement icon
Helping Hand 500 XP
Give away a Gardener Helping Hand.
kindred-spirit achievement icon
Kindred Spirit 1000 XP
Give away 10 Animal Trainer Helping Hands.
to-give-is-to-get achievement icon
Use 30 Helping Hands of any type.
club-32 achievement icon
Club 32 500 XP
Reach Level 32.
look-like-a-million achievement icon
Have 1,000,000 coins.
farm-fresh achievement icon
Farm Fresh 500 XP
Reach Level 7.
water-water-everywhere achievement icon
Send 10 Water to your Facebook Farm.
better-with-butter achievement icon
Sell 100 Honey Butter.
when-life-gives-you-lemons achievement icon
Sell 100 Lemon Yogurt.
grin-and-bear-it achievement icon
Sell 100 Teddy Bears.
flipping-out achievement icon
Flipping Out 500 XP
Sell 100 Blueberry Pancakes.
a-horse-is-a-horse achievement icon
Sell 100 Glass Horses.
bow-to-stern achievement icon
Bow to Stern 500 XP
Sell 200 Ship in a Bottles.
what-a-doll achievement icon
What a Doll 500 XP
Sell 200 Porcelain Dolls.
poppin-peppers achievement icon
Sell 200 Pepper Poppers.
getting-skewered achievement icon
Sell 200 Shrimp Skewers.
blowin-in-the-wind achievement icon
Sell 200 Wind Chimes.
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