Farm Invasion USA Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Farm Invasion USA below. This game is developed by HandyGames. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP27500 points
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abdominal-pain achievement icon
Learn all about the inner values of an alien troll!
driver-s-license achievement icon
Gently caress 100 aliens with your corn chopper's cutters!
redneck-cyborg achievement icon
Use all alien tech power-ups at the same time!
bloody-harvest achievement icon
Bloody Harvest 1000 XP
Clear 10,000 alien invaders out of your fields by any violent means necessary!
first-sight-first-blood achievement icon
Kill a soldier alien and at least 3 more nearby aliens with the soldier's explosive blast!
kentucky-fried-saucers achievement icon
Take down 5 UFOs in a row using just one laser gun!
mighty-kaboom achievement icon
Mighty Kaboom 1000 XP
Kill 30 aliens using any other gun than your default Winchester without collecting any ammunition or another weapon!
pointlessly-courageous achievement icon
Be merciful and let the aliens win 50 times!
red-rain_1 achievement icon
Red Rain 1000 XP
Shoot down at least one UFO with each weapon in one game!
ufo-nightmare achievement icon
UFO Nightmare 1000 XP
Shoot down 100 UFOs!
bank-of-texas achievement icon
Bank of Texas 1000 XP
Harvest 100,000 corn cobs!
beam-me-up-scrappy achievement icon
Get lifted up by a UFO and fly over a troll before taking down the flying saucer!
everybody-be-cool achievement icon
Survive for 60 seconds with your health bar in the lowest segment!
marksman-joe achievement icon
Marksman Joe 2000 XP
Kill aliens with nothing but your guns for 120 seconds!
cautious-carnage achievement icon
Kill 20 soldiers in one game without taking any damage from them!
friend-of-earth achievement icon
Friend of Earth 2000 XP
Complete the Earth story by ripping all diary pages from the guts of alien trolls!
redneck-s-magic-lamp achievement icon
Fulfill the Redneck brothers' every wish!
otis-death-race achievement icon
Burn rubber and kill aliens using only your corn chopper for 300 seconds!
redneck-nurse achievement icon
Redneck Nurse 2000 XP
Hurt or kill 25 trolls in one game!
unbreakable achievement icon
Unbreakable 2000 XP
Kill 500 enemies without dying!
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