EvoCreo - Lite Achievement List

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CategoryRole Playing
Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

11 Achievements

prime_3 achievement icon
Prime 10000 XP
Catch a Prime Creo.
beginning_2 achievement icon
Beginning 5000 XP
Start a single player game.
challenger_10 achievement icon
Challenger 5000 XP
Try a ranked multi-player match.
hunter_8 achievement icon
Hunter 5000 XP
Catch a Creo.
evoker achievement icon
Evoker 5000 XP
Challenge an Evoker to a duel.
master-hunter achievement icon
Master Hunter 10000 XP
Catch 30 Creo.
evoker-master achievement icon
Evoker Master 20000 XP
Beat the Coliseum.
hero_34 achievement icon
Hero 20000 XP
Thwart Shadow Hive's plans. Defeat Regina and the Shadow Hive boss at their headquarters.
focused-evoker achievement icon
Focused Evoker 10000 XP
Get one Creo to level 100.
archaeologist-pt-1 achievement icon
Awaken the Creo in the tomb at Rouh Cemetery.
archaeologist-pt-2 achievement icon
Find the pirates buried treasure in Treasure Island.
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