Eden: The Game Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Eden: The Game below. This game is developed by Channel 4 Television Corporation. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP13000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


lumberjack_3 achievement icon
Lumberjack 500 XP
Collect Wood from the forests
water-carrier achievement icon
Water Carrier 500 XP
Fetch Water from the Stream
farmer_9 achievement icon
Farmer 500 XP
Harvest Crops from Fields
animal-handling achievement icon
Farm animals in their Pens
builder_7 achievement icon
Builder 500 XP
Build or Upgrade buildings
fix-it achievement icon
Fix It 500 XP
Repair buildings
angler achievement icon
Angler 500 XP
Gather resources from the sea
hunter_6 achievement icon
Hunter 500 XP
Hunt animals in the forests
leader_9 achievement icon
Leader 500 XP
Complete Community Tasks at the Camp Fire
master-carpenter achievement icon
Craft items at the Carpenter's Hut
master-butcher achievement icon
Craft items at the Butchers
master-crafter_1 achievement icon
Craft items at the Workshop
master-fisher achievement icon
Master Fisher 500 XP
Craft items at the Fishing Hut
survivor_8 achievement icon
Survivor 500 XP
Survive one season
coloniser achievement icon
Coloniser 500 XP
Craft a Coloniser Boat
securing-the-future achievement icon
Craft a Ceremonial Hat and Dress
growing-the-population achievement icon
Increase the population
harmonious-community achievement icon
Have 100% well-being in a session
scavenger_1 achievement icon
Scavenger 500 XP
Collect resources from scavengable items
weathered achievement icon
Weathered 500 XP
Survive weather events
explorer_8 achievement icon
Explorer 500 XP
Remove obstacles
settler achievement icon
Settler 500 XP
Upgrade Shelters to complete this achievement
store-manager achievement icon
Store Manager 500 XP
Upgrade the Store for this achievement
chief_2 achievement icon
Chief 500 XP
Upgrade the Camp Fire for this achievement
diva achievement icon
Diva 500 XP
Refuse tasks from the camp fire!
over-achiever_1 achievement icon
Over Achiever 500 XP
Complete all the other achievements!
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