DUAL! Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for DUAL! below. This game is developed by Seabaa. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP48500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


inauguration achievement icon
Inauguration 500 XP
Win your first duel
deadeye_1 achievement icon
Deadeye 1000 XP
Win a duel without missing a shot.
untouchable_1 achievement icon
Untouchable 1000 XP
Win a duel without getting hit.
speedy_6 achievement icon
Speedy 500 XP
Win a duel under 10 seconds.
blink-of-an-eye achievement icon
Blink of an Eye 1000 XP
Win a duel under 5 seconds.
instantaneous achievement icon
Instantaneous 1500 XP
Win a duel under 3 seconds.
popular achievement icon
Popular 2500 XP
Win a duel against 5 different people.
notorious achievement icon
Notorious 5000 XP
Win a duel against 10 different people.
world-renowned achievement icon
World Renowned 7500 XP
Win a duel against 20 different people.
on-a-roll_4 achievement icon
On a Roll 1000 XP
Win 5 duels in a row.
in-the-zone achievement icon
In the Zone 2500 XP
Win 10 duels in a row.
on-fire_3 achievement icon
On Fire 5000 XP
Win 15 duels in a row.
master-of-the-elements achievement icon
Win a duel with Zaba, Osa, and Rekin.
bitter-struggle achievement icon
Bitter Struggle 1000 XP
Win a duel after 1 minute.
hard-cheese achievement icon
Hard Cheese 500 XP
Lose 5 duels in a row.
wave-5 achievement icon
Wave 5 500 XP
Defend against 5 waves of enemies.
wave-10 achievement icon
Wave 10 1000 XP
Defend against 10 waves of enemies.
wave-20 achievement icon
Wave 20 2500 XP
Defend against 20 waves of enemies.
destroy-500 achievement icon
Destroy 500 500 XP
Destroy 500 attackers in defend.
destroy-1-000 achievement icon
Destroy 1,000 1000 XP
Destroy 1,000 attackers in defend.
destroy-10-000 achievement icon
Destroy 10,000 2500 XP
Destroy 10,000 attackers in defend.
rainbow_3 achievement icon
Rainbow 5000 XP
Collect all color sets.
shutout achievement icon
Shutout 1000 XP
Win a deflect match without letting any goals in.
perfect-match achievement icon
Perfect Match 1500 XP
Win a deflect match with a 15-0 score.
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