Dream Defense Achievement List

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Altitude Games
Total XP6500 points
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10 Achievements

graduation_1 achievement icon
Graduation 500 XP
Completed all tutorials
ghost-killer achievement icon
Ghost Killer 500 XP
Kill 100 enemies
big-spender_6 achievement icon
Big Spender 500 XP
Spend 5,000 coins
money-in-the-bank achievement icon
Collect 5,000 coins
open-sesame achievement icon
Open Sesame 500 XP
Open 10 lunchboxes
treasure-hunter_7 achievement icon
Open 10 sheep loot bags
sheep-collector achievement icon
Collect 50 sheep bonus rewards
giant-slayer achievement icon
Giant Slayer 500 XP
Defeat the Big Masked Ghost at the end of Episode 1
strength-in-numbers achievement icon
Defeat the Evil Summoner at the end of Episode 2
insecticide achievement icon
Insecticide 1500 XP
Defeat Queen Mozzie at the end of Episode 3
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