Dragon Mania Legends Achievement List

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Total XP66000 points
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18 Achievements

golden-opportunity achievement icon
Collect 50,000 Gold from habitats
academy-action achievement icon
Academy Action 3500 XP
Upgrade the Academy to level 2
top-teacher achievement icon
Top Teacher 3500 XP
Feed a dragon to level 15
beat-the-boss achievement icon
Beat the Boss 4000 XP
Beat the boss of the first island!
master-carpenter_1 achievement icon
Build 7 buildings or habitats
human-bulldozer achievement icon
Human Bulldozer 3500 XP
Clear 20 obstacles
show-off_1 achievement icon
Show-Off 3500 XP
Win 25 fights
star-pupil achievement icon
Star Pupil 4000 XP
Win 10 fights with a 3-star rating
persistent-prospector achievement icon
Send dragons to explore the ruins 20 times
in-the-zone_1 achievement icon
In the Zone 3500 XP
Score 200 Perfect Hits
friendly-fighter achievement icon
Give gifts to friends 15 times
dragon-training-pro achievement icon
Train your dragons flawlessly 25 times
dragon-nutritionist achievement icon
Collect 10,000 Food from your farms
dragon-aficionado achievement icon
Complete 2 collections in the Dragon Codex
shopaholic_4 achievement icon
Shopaholic 4500 XP
Buy 10 dragons
friend-in-need_5 achievement icon
Friend in Need 4000 XP
Hire a Friend's dragon 10 times to win battles
master-of-chronos achievement icon
Collect 3 Chronosian Seal Shards from ruins
social-dragonfly achievement icon
Send 3 Friend invites!
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