Dragon Hills Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Dragon Hills below. This game is developed by Rebel Twins. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP41000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


cold-night achievement icon
Cold Night 2000 XP
Use Freeze Blast to freeze 10 knights during one game
green-everywhere achievement icon
Unlock the Green Land
darkness achievement icon
Darkness 3000 XP
Unlock the Dark Land
long-distance-runner achievement icon
Complete 3 levels in a single run
terror-of-the-seas achievement icon
Destroy 7 ships during one game
invincible_5 achievement icon
Invincible 3000 XP
Beat four of the Mega Bosses in a single run
jumper achievement icon
Jumper 1000 XP
Get PERFECT JUMP 3 times during one game
like-a-ninja_1 achievement icon
Like a Ninja 3000 XP
Get PERFECT JUMP 7 times in a single run
piece-of-cake achievement icon
Piece of Cake 1000 XP
Play the game for more than 3 minutes without a break
vegetarian achievement icon
Vegetarian 4000 XP
Complete the level without eating any sheep
pocket-money_1 achievement icon
Pocket Money 3000 XP
Collect 1000 coins
almost-rich achievement icon
Almost Rich 4000 XP
Collect 2000 coins
all-for-you achievement icon
All For You 3000 XP
Purchase the best armor for your dragon
almighty achievement icon
Almighty 4000 XP
Defeat four of the Mega Bosses with the most powerful sword (during one game)
destroyer_3 achievement icon
Destroyer 4000 XP
Destroy 8 buildings in a single run as a Lord of the Skies
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