Doodle God™ Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Doodle God™ below. This game is developed by JoyBits Co. Ltd.. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP87000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


good-start_1 achievement icon
Good Start 500 XP
6 elements created
creator-of-diversity achievement icon
10 groups created
creator-of-life achievement icon
Creator of Life 1000 XP
Life created
creator-of-humanity achievement icon
Human created
creator-of-civilization achievement icon
Episode One passed
creator-of-technology achievement icon
Episode Two passed
creator-of-modernity achievement icon
Episode Three passed
creator-of-magic achievement icon
Episode Four passed
god-of-fun achievement icon
God of Fun 1000 XP
Games created
brilliant-inventor achievement icon
Episode One passed without hints
deity-of-darkness achievement icon
All Bad things created
god-of-patience achievement icon
God of Patience 10000 XP
All reactions revealed
doodle-bar achievement icon
Doodle Bar 2000 XP
All drinks created
half-the-kingdom achievement icon
Save the Princess quest passed
practice-makes-perfect achievement icon
Element created 3 or more times
similar-to-similar achievement icon
Similar elements reacted
master-of-alchemy achievement icon
All reactions with Philosophers' stone discovered
master-of-the-worlds achievement icon
All episodes passed without hints
follower achievement icon
Follower 5000 XP
Shared on facebook
reviewer achievement icon
Reviewer 6000 XP
Review written
honorable-santa achievement icon
Honorable Santa 3000 XP
Run, Santa, run quest completed
heavenly-virtues achievement icon
Sins vs. Virtues quest completed
greatest-inventor achievement icon
Greatest Inventions quest completed
salvation achievement icon
Salvation! 3000 XP
Survivor quest completed
fan-club-member achievement icon
Fan club member 5000 XP
In-app purchased
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