DOKDO Achievement List

Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

10 Achievements

body-level-2 achievement icon
Body Level 2 10000 XP
Body Level 2
body-level-5 achievement icon
Body Level 5 10000 XP
Body Level 5
body-level-10 achievement icon
Body Level 10 10000 XP
Body Level 10
full-upgrade_1 achievement icon
Full Upgrade 10000 XP
Full Upgrade
get-2-islands achievement icon
Get 2 Islands 10000 XP
Get 2 Islands
get-10-islands achievement icon
Get 10 Islands 10000 XP
Get 10 Islands
get-28-islands achievement icon
Get 28 Islands 10000 XP
Get 28 Islands
discover-dokdo achievement icon
Discover DOKDO 10000 XP
Discover DOKDO
open-world_1 achievement icon
Open World 10000 XP
Open World
first-journey achievement icon
First Journey 10000 XP
First Journey
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