DogHotel - My boarding kennel Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for DogHotel - My boarding kennel below. This game is developed by Tivola. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP10500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


interior-designer_2 achievement icon
Place 25 decorations.
training-the-pack achievement icon
Let eight dogs play in the garden together.
chowhound achievement icon
Chowhound! 500 XP
Feed 50kg of dog food.
he-s-just-playing achievement icon
Successfully teach 30 commands to dogs.
crime-scene-cleaner achievement icon
Scoop up 50 doggy-poops from the enclosures.
doggy-paddle achievement icon
Doggy Paddle 500 XP
Wash 50 dogs.
agility achievement icon
Agility! 500 XP
Complete the obstacle course 25 times.
speed-dating achievement icon
Speed Dating 500 XP
Rehome 4 dogs in one day.
cuddled achievement icon
Cuddled! 500 XP
Pet at least 30 meters of dog.
playful achievement icon
Playful! 500 XP
Entertain at least 25 dogs with a toy.
check-it-out achievement icon
Check It Out! 500 XP
Open the list of other Tivola apps.
poodle-party achievement icon
Poodle Party! 500 XP
Fill eight kennels just with Poodles.
dog-dealer achievement icon
Dog Dealer 500 XP
Rehome a total of at least 100 dogs.
pirates-arrrrr achievement icon
Decorate at least one enclosure and the bathroom completely with pirate objects.
who-needs-friends achievement icon
Click the Facebook button in the main menu.
care-assistant achievement icon
Complete 25 Care missions.
save-your-way-to-riches achievement icon
Have at least 10,000 coins in your account.
big-dogs achievement icon
Big Dogs! 500 XP
Fill eight kennels with labradors and Australian Shepherds.
quit-hounding-me achievement icon
Reject at least 20 missions.
pavlov-would-be-proud achievement icon
Clicker train at least 30 dogs.
hotel-complete achievement icon
Expand all areas of the dog boarding kennel completely.
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