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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA below. This game is developed by SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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CategoryRole Playing
Total XP15000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


abilities-display achievement icon
"Equipped a passive ability, kupo"
weapons-mastery achievement icon
"Raised a weapon to LV 5, kupo"
a-winner-s-arms achievement icon
A Winner's Arms 1000 XP
"Limit Break a weapon, kupo!"
armor-mastery achievement icon
Armor Mastery 500 XP
"Raised a piece of armor to LV 5, kupo"
a-winner-s-defense achievement icon
"Limit Break a piece of armor, kupo!"
tremendous-support achievement icon
"Used a support item, kupo"
path-of-the-strong achievement icon
"Raised an ally to LV 5, kupo"
path-of-the-brave achievement icon
"Raised an ally to LV 25, kupo!"
resplendent-light achievement icon
"Gathered 7 allies, kupo"
blinding-light_1 achievement icon
Blinding Light 1000 XP
"Gathered 25 allies, kupo!"
show-of-strength achievement icon
"Raised your rank to 10, kupo"
show-of-courage achievement icon
Show of Courage 1000 XP
"Raised your rank to 50, kupo!"
show-of-will achievement icon
Show of Will 1000 XP
"Cleared a quest in Hard Mode, kupo!"
abilities-unleashed achievement icon
"Raised a character's crystal STR LV, kupo!"
summons-assemble achievement icon
"Used a summon 3 times in battle, kupo"
summon-s-pact achievement icon
Summon's Pact 500 XP
"Binded a summon, kupo"
greater-heights achievement icon
"Enhanced a summon, kupo"
call-of-the-crystals achievement icon
"Cleared a LV 10 Cycle Quest, kupo"
movers-begone achievement icon
"Defeated a Mover that appears in a Cycle Quest, kupo"
from-the-beyond achievement icon
From the Beyond 1000 XP
"Purchased items with Dissida Points, kupo!"
extend-a-hand achievement icon
Extend a Hand 500 XP
"Followed 10 users, kupo"
together-we-stand achievement icon
"Made 10 friends, kupo!"
great-teamwork achievement icon
"Played though a quest with a friend, kupo!"
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