Total XP45000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

12 Achievements

deadliest-catch achievement icon
Deadliest Catch 1500 XP
Killed 100 Dinosaurs in Deadly Shores
jungle-warfare achievement icon
Jungle Warfare 2500 XP
Killed 150 Dinosaurs in Jungle Mists
broken-bones achievement icon
Broken Bones 5000 XP
Killed 200 Dinosaurs in Boneyard
straight-shooter achievement icon
200 Kills Using a Rifle
both-barrels_1 achievement icon
Both Barrels 2500 XP
100 Kills Using a Shotgun
guns-blazing achievement icon
Guns Blazing 2500 XP
100 Kills Using an Assault Rifle
smoking-barrel achievement icon
Smoking Barrel 5000 XP
100 Lung Shot Kills
heart-attack_1 achievement icon
Heart Attack 2500 XP
50 Heart Shot Kills
brain-game achievement icon
Brain Game 2500 XP
25 Brain Shot Kills
241 achievement icon
241 1000 XP
Killed 2 Dinosaurs with 1 Shot
x-ray-vision achievement icon
X-Ray Vision 5000 XP
75 Kills Using Infrared
extinction_2 achievement icon
Extinction 10000 XP
Killed Everything
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