Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Achievement List

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Total XP10000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

12 Achievements

clear-victory achievement icon
Clear Victory 500 XP
Complete any mission with 3 stars
death-from-the-skies achievement icon
Kill any zombie with a blue barrel
first-upgrade_6 achievement icon
First Upgrade 500 XP
Upgrade any unit
experienced-survivor achievement icon
Kill 100 zombies
bill-to-the-rescue achievement icon
Kill any zombie with a machine gun
first-pack achievement icon
First Pack 500 XP
Open a military pack
trade-finished achievement icon
Trade Finished 1000 XP
Buy any item from the merchant
molotov-as-intended achievement icon
Kill Undead with a Molotov cocktail
collector_56 achievement icon
Collector 1000 XP
Find 20 items
no-exit achievement icon
No Exit 1000 XP
Meet the Robber
frozen-meat achievement icon
Frozen Meat 1000 XP
Use nitrogen to freeze at least three zombies
fan_21 achievement icon
Fan 2000 XP
Reach rank 12
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