DC Legends: Battle for Justice Achievement List

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Warner Bros. International Enterprises
CategoryRole Playing
Total XP19000 points
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8 Achievements

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Defeat Nekron's forces in the Manhunter Foundry Ruins
chapter-2-complete achievement icon
Battle the Manhunters in the Guardian Council Chamber
chapter-3-complete achievement icon
Win back the Sphere of Truth for the Amazons
chapter-4-complete achievement icon
Stop Nekron's plot at the Temple of Athena
chapter-5-complete achievement icon
Conquer the the Wingmen Base on Thanagar
chapter-6-complete achievement icon
Liberate the Nth Metal Mines of Thanagar
chapter-7-complete achievement icon
Defeat Black Lanterns at the Central Battery on Qward
chapter-8-complete achievement icon
Storm the Fortress of the Weaponers of Qward
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