Darkness Rises Achievement List

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NEXON Company
CategoryRole Playing
Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

20 Achievements

ruthless-hunter achievement icon
Ruthless Hunter 5000 XP
Defeat 200 or more monsters.
you-re-already-dead achievement icon
Achieve a combo of 100 or more.
massacre achievement icon
Massacre 5000 XP
Defeat 50 or more monsters with rage skills.
adventurer-s-journey achievement icon
Clear Adventure Stages 8 times.
infinity-tower-how-high-can-you-go achievement icon
Clear Infinity Tower up to floor 5.
dragon-slayer_3 achievement icon
Dragon Slayer 5000 XP
Clear the Kaligo Raid 2 times.
wyvern-hunter achievement icon
Wyvern Hunter 5000 XP
Clear the Wyvern Raid 2 times.
for-victory achievement icon
For Victory 5000 XP
Participate in Duel PvP 5 or more times.
to-the-battle achievement icon
To the Battle 5000 XP
Participate in Team PvP 5 or more times.
birth-of-a-great-hero achievement icon
Reach Lv. 7.
a-charming-hero achievement icon
A Charming Hero 5000 XP
Customize your character 1 or more times.
you-are-my-destiny achievement icon
Obtain 20 or more pieces of gear.
find-my-true-colors achievement icon
Dye gear 10 or more times.
a-penny-saved-is-a-penny-earned achievement icon
Obtain 50,000 or more Gold.
can-t-miss-a-single-day achievement icon
Obtain the monthly attendance bonus 3 times.
blacksmith-s-touch achievement icon
Produce polish 3 or more times at the Blacksmith.
nice-to-see-you-friend achievement icon
Add 1 friend.
relieving-tension achievement icon
Use Bath Oils at the Hot Springs 3 or more times.
bait-thrower achievement icon
Bait Thrower 5000 XP
Succeed at fishing 50 or more times.
fence-of-fate achievement icon
Fence of Fate 5000 XP
Create or join a guild.
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