Dan The Man Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Dan The Man below. This game is developed by Halfbrick Studios. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP77000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


shiny_1 achievement icon
Shiny! 1000 XP
Pick up 1,000 gold coins.
making-bank achievement icon
Making Bank 2000 XP
Pick up 10,000 gold coins!
badass-in-training achievement icon
Defeat 100 enemies.
genghis-khan-would-blush-award achievement icon
Defeat 1,000 enemies.
buyer-s-remorse achievement icon
Buyer's Remorse 1000 XP
Buy anything at a shop.
no-batteries-included achievement icon
Spend 1,000 gold coins at shops.
self-improved achievement icon
Self Improved 1000 XP
Unlock one combat move at the Dojo.
the-new-master achievement icon
The New Master 3000 XP
Unlock all available combat moves for any character at the Dojo.
the-bigger-they-are_1 achievement icon
Beat the GATEKEEPER boss.
you-got-hosed achievement icon
You Got HOSED! 2000 XP
Beat the ROBORIOT boss.
deus-ex-machina achievement icon
Deus Ex Machina 2000 XP
Beat the DARK MASTER boss.
ok-you-win achievement icon
Ok, You Win 3000 XP
Beat the games' final level.
every-nook-and-cranny achievement icon
Beat a level after finding all secret areas.
who-hides-these-things achievement icon
Find 50 secret items.
oops_1 achievement icon
Oops! 2000 XP
Destroy 1,000 objects.
pointy-surprise achievement icon
Pointy Surprise 2000 XP
Defeat 50 enemies using thrown weapons.
full-metal-jacket achievement icon
Defeat 50 enemies using bullets.
things-that-go-boom achievement icon
Defeat 50 enemies using explosives.
full-arsenal achievement icon
Full Arsenal 2000 XP
Carry all six weapons at the same time.
i-brought-for-everybody achievement icon
Defeat at least 3 enemies at once with a single attack.
now-that-s-just-silly achievement icon
Defeat at least 5 enemies at once with a single attack.
untouchable achievement icon
Untouchable 2000 XP
Beat a level without losing any health.
the-fast-and-the-slightly-annoyed achievement icon
Beat a level in under 5 minutes.
old-school_1 achievement icon
Old School 4000 XP
Beat the game, having started at the first level, WITHOUT dying once.
weapons-are-for-wimps achievement icon
Beat a level without ever using a weapon.
that-was-luck achievement icon
That Was Luck 1000 XP
Defeat a very far away enemy using a ranged weapon.
thanks-for-playing achievement icon
In Stage 8-1-1, reach the end of the level.
sleep-with-the-fishes achievement icon
In Stage 8-1-2, throw 10 enemies into the water.
ole-toro achievement icon
¡Olé, Toro! 2000 XP
In Stage 8-1-3, jump over the GATEKEEPER's head three times without dying.
to-swat-a-swat achievement icon
To Swat a SWAT 2000 XP
In Stage 8-2-2, defeat a flying enemy using a ranged weapon.
no-animal-was-harmed-in-the-production-of-this-game achievement icon
In Stage 8-2-3, defeat the ROBORIOT boss without directly hurting its cyberdogs.
just-like-mario achievement icon
Just Like Mario 2000 XP
In Stage 8-3-1, find a secret area through a pipe.
zzzzzzzaped achievement icon
In Stage 8-3-2, throw 10 enemies into electric fields.
re-mastered achievement icon
Re-Mastered 2000 XP
In Stage 8-3-3, defeat the DARK MASTER boss without getting hit or knocked down.
the-general achievement icon
The General 2000 XP
In Stage 8-4-1, beat the train section without suffering any damage.
no-rush achievement icon
No Rush 2000 XP
In Stage 8-4-2, beat the level while smashing all destructible objects.
the-man achievement icon
The Man 2000 XP
Beat all levels in the game playing as Dan.
dude-where-s-my-jetpack achievement icon
Beat all levels in the game playing as Barry Steakfries.
we-can-do-it achievement icon
We Can Do It! 2000 XP
Beat all levels in the game playing as Josie.
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