Cut the Rope 2 Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Cut the Rope 2 below. This game is developed by ZeptoLab. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP40000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


journey-begins_1 achievement icon
Journey Begins 1000 XP
Complete the Forest
green-scout achievement icon
Green Scout 2000 XP
Collect all stars in the Forest
stones-and-water achievement icon
Complete the Sandy Dam
deep-diver achievement icon
Deep Diver 2000 XP
Collect all stars in the Sandy Dam
hills-of-metal achievement icon
Hills of Metal 1000 XP
Complete the Junkyard
nothing-is-wasted achievement icon
Collect all stars in the Junkyard
rainy-day_1 achievement icon
Rainy Day 1000 XP
Complete the City Park
puddle-jumper achievement icon
Puddle Jumper 2000 XP
Collect all stars in the City Park
secret-passage_1 achievement icon
Secret Passage 1000 XP
Complete the Underground
braveheart achievement icon
Braveheart 2000 XP
Collect all stars in the Underground
fruit-time achievement icon
Fruit Time 1000 XP
Complete the Fruit Market
fresh-juice achievement icon
Fresh Juice 2000 XP
Collect all stars in the Fruit Market
piece-of-cake_3 achievement icon
Piece of Cake 1000 XP
Complete the Bakery
hot-or-hot achievement icon
Hot or Hot 2000 XP
Collect all stars in the Bakery
ropes-exterminator achievement icon
Cut 200 ropes
inflight-snack achievement icon
Inflight Snack 2000 XP
Feed Om Nom while he's in the air 10 times
curiosity_1 achievement icon
Curiosity 1000 XP
Check About screen
mission-accomplished_2 achievement icon
Complete 100 missions
good-catch achievement icon
Good Catch 1000 XP
Catch Om Nom with Roto 10 times
party-crasher_2 achievement icon
Party Crasher 1000 XP
Pop 100 red baloons
sea-stars achievement icon
Sea Stars 1000 XP
Collect 10 stars underwater
tip-of-the-tongue achievement icon
Reach candy with the tip of Lick's tongue
growing-population achievement icon
Create 100 Blues
levitation achievement icon
Levitation 2000 XP
Keep the candy in the air for 10 seconds using magnets
creepy-flight achievement icon
Creepy Flight 2000 XP
Use Boo to scare Om Nom in the air
boo-alert achievement icon
Boo Alert 2000 XP
Use Boo to press the red button
slow-and-steady achievement icon
Slow and steady 1000 XP
Travel 100 meters with Snailbrow
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