Crusaders Quest Achievement List

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CategoryRole Playing
Total XP95000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


novice-captain achievement icon
Create your own hero group.
captain-of-the-village achievement icon
Hero group commended by the community.
famous-captain achievement icon
Famous Captain 1000 XP
Hero group commended, not only by the community, but by the Empire
imperial-hero-group achievement icon
Emperor recognized your contribution and now you will be called Imperial hero group.
hero-group-of-the-continent achievement icon
Become a world wide hero group after defending the whole continent.
goddess-hero-group achievement icon
Become a Goddess' hero group after receiving her grace.
the-legendary-hero-group achievement icon
Become the legendary hero group.
wake-up-my-hero achievement icon
Annihilated by monsters.
let-s-go-zombie achievement icon
Annihilated 50 times by monsters.
experienced-underworld achievement icon
Hades recongized and greeted you
ghost-or-human achievement icon
Since I died too many times, I do not know if I'm a ghost or human
guardian-of-the-forest achievement icon
Invaded the Golem's village
guardian-of-the-desert achievement icon
Defeat Sandworm, beast of the desert.
invader-of-the-deep-sea achievement icon
Defeat Arbre which turned into kraken.
pioneer-of-an-ancient-way achievement icon
Defeat Red dragon of the Ancient Mountain.
sera-wake-up achievement icon
Sera! Wake up! 3000 XP
Defeat Dark Sera of the Ancient Mountain.
meet-and-say-goodbye achievement icon
Sell hero.
selling-the-yammy-hero achievement icon
Sell heros 30 times.
professional-hero-trader achievement icon
Professionally sell heroes to become a hero trader.
my-well-trained-hero achievement icon
Hero promoted. Feels like my hero is strong enough to be promoted
teacher-of-heros achievement icon
Promoted many heros.
heart-of-parents achievement icon
Promoted many heros like their parents.
legendary-hero-light achievement icon
Acquired "Leon of Light", a legendary hero.
legendary-hero-oath achievement icon
Acquired "Kriemhild of Oath", a legendary hero.
legendary-hero-demon-archer achievement icon
Acquired "Demon Archer Sigruna", a legendary hero.
legendary-hero-iron-will achievement icon
Acquired "D'Artagnan of Iron Will", a legendary hero.
legendary-hero-black-witch achievement icon
Acquired "Black Witch Dorothy", a legendary hero.
legendary-hero-savior-saintess achievement icon
Acquired "Savior Saintess Maria", a legendary hero.
ultimate-networker-captain achievement icon
Acquired all heros. (Season 1)
animal-lover_4 achievement icon
Animal Lover 2000 XP
Befriend all of the animals on Hasla Continent. (Season 1)
birth-of-gladiator achievement icon
First victory won at the Colosseum.
who-s-next_2 achievement icon
Who's Next! 1000 XP
50 victories won at the Colosseum.
i-m-the-champion achievement icon
100 victories won at the Colosseum.
meet-the-first-ally achievement icon
Another hero became my ally for the first time. It makes me feel very secure.
ultimate-networker-captain-2 achievement icon
Acquired all hereos. (season 1)
hearts-of-parents-2 achievement icon
Promoted many heroes like their parents.
animal-hater achievement icon
Animal Hater 500 XP
Befriend all of the animals on Hasla Continent (Season 1)
i-m-not-the-champion achievement icon
1000 victories won at colosseum.
the-legendary-hero-group-2 achievement icon
Become the legendary hero group.
savior-of-tundra achievement icon
Eradicated Nemesis, the apostle of Tundra.
come-back-dione achievement icon
Eradicated Dionemesis of Tundra.
legendary-hero-victory achievement icon
Acquired Rochefort, the Legendary Hero.
legendary-hero-honor achievement icon
Acquired Roland, the Legendary Hero.
legendary-hero-red-lotus achievement icon
Acquired Demona of the Red Lotus, the Legendary Hero.
legendary-hero-night-witch achievement icon
Acquired Night Witch Theresa, the Legendary Hero.
legendary-hero-magic-girl achievement icon
Acquired Magic Girl Cano, the Legendary Hero.
lengendary-hero-black-sister achievement icon
Acquired Dark Sister Melissa, the Legendary Hero.
conqueror-of-golem achievement icon
After slaying Golems endlessly, became the conqueror of Golem.
conqueror-of-sandworm achievement icon
After slaying Sandworms endlessly, became the conqueror of Sandworn.
conqueror-of-kraken achievement icon
After slaying Krakens endlessly, became the conqueror of Kraken.
conqueror-of-despair achievement icon
After slaying dark Seras endlessly, became the conqueror of despair.
savior-of-the-future achievement icon
After slaying Dionemesis endlessly, became the conqueror of future.
i-ve-burnt-it-all achievement icon
I've burnt all the battle tickets.
world-s-greatest-warrior-group achievement icon
This has become a party of World's Greatest Warriors.
world-s-greatest-paladin-group achievement icon
This has become a party of World's Greatest Paladins.
world-s-greatest-archer-group achievement icon
This has become a party of World's Greatest Archers.
world-s-greatest-hunter-grounp achievement icon
This has become a party of World's Greatest Hunters.
world-s-greatest-wizard-group achievement icon
This has become a party of World's Greatest Wizards.
world-s-greatest-priest-group achievement icon
This has become a party of World's Greatest Priests.
failure-is-the-mother-of-success achievement icon
Acquired Koxinga five times.
one-who-s-not-pleased achievement icon
Acquired Vane five times.
ceo-of-pheonix-chicken achievement icon
Acquired Giparang five times.
vane-did-this achievement icon
Vane did this?? 1000 XP
Acquired Wilhelm five times.
let-s-free-their-souls achievement icon
Acquired Korin five times.
hasla-cooking-king achievement icon
Acquired Chai five times.
demon-conqueror achievement icon
Demon Conqueror 4500 XP
Became a conqueror of the demons after defeating Dike endlessly.
void-conqueror achievement icon
Void Conqueror 4500 XP
Became a conqueror of the void after defeating El Talos endlessly.
novice-archaeologist achievement icon
Became an archaeologist after exploring through the continent.
expert-archaeologist achievement icon
Became an archaeologist after exploring through the continent.
famous-archaeologist achievement icon
Became a famous archaeologist after exploring through all parts of the continent.
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