Coup Achievement List

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Banana & Co.
Total XP47000 points
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10 Achievements

clear-tutorial-1 achievement icon
Complete the first tutorial.
clear-tutorial-2 achievement icon
Complete the second tutorial.
clear-tutorial-3 achievement icon
Complete the 3rd tutorial.
successfully-perform-one-challenge achievement icon
Successfully perform one challenge.
win-one-game achievement icon
Win one game 3500 XP
Win one game.
perform-one-coup achievement icon
Perform one COUP as a rank 2 player.
exchange-one-time achievement icon
EXCHANGE one time as a rank 2 player.
steal-three-times achievement icon
STEAL three times as a rank 2 player.
draw-tax-three-times achievement icon
Draw TAX three times as a rank 2 player.
successfully-bluff-three-times achievement icon
Successfully bluff three times as a rank 2 player.
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