Case Opener Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Case Opener below. This game is developed by Efez Games. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP52500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


beginner_49 achievement icon
Beginner 500 XP
Open 10 cases
collector_60 achievement icon
Collector 1500 XP
Open 250 cases
gaben-s-minion achievement icon
Gaben's minion 3000 XP
Open 1500 cases
opening-addiction achievement icon
Open 5000 cases
maniac-with-the-key achievement icon
Open 10000 cases
cutler achievement icon
Cutler 1500 XP
Your first knife!
red-and-lucky achievement icon
Red and lucky 1000 XP
Your first covert (red) skin!
victims-counter achievement icon
Victims counter 1000 XP
Get your first skin with StatTrak.
dreams-come-true_1 achievement icon
Get knife with a StatTrak
double-luck_1 achievement icon
Double luck 1500 XP
Get 2 good (at least pink quality) skins in a row.
arms-dealer achievement icon
Arms dealer 1000 XP
Create your first contract
freedom-delivery achievement icon
Get 25 skins for M4A1-S or M4A4
from-russia-with-love_1 achievement icon
Get 25 skins for AK-47
professional-sniper achievement icon
Get 25 skins for AWP
the-curse-of-izak achievement icon
Get 20 SCAR-20 | Grotto skins
mexican-cartels achievement icon
Mexican cartels 1500 XP
Get 15 Cartel skins (for AK-47 or P250)
song-name achievement icon
Song name? 1000 XP
Get 15 Sandstorm skins (for Tec-9 or Galil AR)
modern-minimalism achievement icon
Get P90 | Asiimov, AWP | Asiimov, M4A4 | Asiimov and P250 | Asiimov
hype-on-hyperbeast achievement icon
Get AWP | Hyperbeast, M4A1-S | Hyperbeast and Nova | Hyperbeast
formula-driver achievement icon
Formula driver 1000 XP
Get UMP-45 | Grand Prix and CZ75-Auto | Pole Position skins
dragons-trainer achievement icon
Dragons trainer 1000 XP
Get M4A4 | Dragon King, P90 | Emerald Dragon and Glock-18 | Dragon Tattoo skins.
legendary-monsters achievement icon
Get M4A1-S | Basilisk, Sawed-Off | The Kraken, M4A4 | Griffin and Galil AR | Cerberus skins
jungle-king achievement icon
Jungle king 2500 XP
Get AUG | Bengal Tiger, AUG | Chameleon, AK-47 | Jaguar and USP-S | Caiman skins.
futuristic-soldier achievement icon
Get M4A1-S | Cyrex, SG 553 | Cyrex and SCAR-20 | Cyrex skins.
cross-your-fingers achievement icon
Enter to Jackpot with the most expensive available bet (7500€)
cutlery-from-pawnshop achievement icon
Win at least 12 knives in one Jackpot pool
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