Can Knockdown 3 Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Can Knockdown 3 below. This game is developed by Infinite Dreams. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP93000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


devastator achievement icon
Devastator 1000 XP
Knockdown 100 cans.
beverage-can-recycling achievement icon
Knockdown 2500 cans.
that-s-a-lot-of-gravy achievement icon
Knockdown 10000 cans.
smokin achievement icon
Smokin'! 1000 XP
Hit a total of 10 bomb cans.
sapper achievement icon
Sapper 2000 XP
Hit a total of 250 bomb cans.
explosive-personality achievement icon
Hit a total of 1000 bomb cans.
what-s-this achievement icon
What's this? 1000 XP
Hit a total of 50 extra ball cans.
who-did-this achievement icon
Who did this? 2000 XP
Hit a total of 250 extra ball cans.
have-you-seen-my-marbles achievement icon
Hit a total of 1000 extra ball cans.
chuck-norris-walks-into-a-bar achievement icon
Break 50 wooden props.
power-planking achievement icon
Power planking 2000 XP
Break 200 wooden props.
iron-pig-pusher achievement icon
Iron Pig Pusher 1000 XP
Knockdown 50 metal props.
machina achievement icon
Machina 1000 XP
Activate 100 buttons.
foreman achievement icon
Foreman 1000 XP
Knockdown 50 plates.
power-metal achievement icon
Power Metal 1000 XP
Perform 50 PowerShots.
zeus-power achievement icon
Zeus Power 2000 XP
Perform 500 PowerShots.
cuckoo-clock achievement icon
Cuckoo clock 1000 XP
Hit 50 times in the obstacle.
ball-bonanza achievement icon
Ball Bonanza 1000 XP
Throw 1000 balls.
ball-sprayer achievement icon
Ball Sprayer 2000 XP
Throw 9999 balls.
beginner-chemist achievement icon
Knockdown 20 toxic cans.
blind-man achievement icon
Blind man 2000 XP
Knockdown 100 toxic cans.
wandering-eye achievement icon
Wandering Eye 1000 XP
Overshoot 100 times.
power-plant-engineer achievement icon
Collect all the stars on Power Plant levels.
locksmith-dream achievement icon
Locksmith dream 3000 XP
Collect all the stars on Factory levels.
poison-ivy achievement icon
Poison Ivy 3000 XP
Collect all the stars on Toxic Sawage levels.
overhead-crane achievement icon
Overhead crane 3000 XP
Collect all the stars on Ironworks levels.
i-dare-you-to-do-that-again achievement icon
Hit one can with two balls.
third-time-s-the-charm_1 achievement icon
Hit one can with three balls.
you-lucky-dog achievement icon
You lucky dog! 1000 XP
Collect 0 points.
bad-luck achievement icon
Bad luck 1000 XP
Lose with one remaining can.
grasp-all-lose-all achievement icon
Hit the extra ball can without knocking it down.
better-late-than-never achievement icon
Hit the button with more than one ball.
you-re-doing-it-wrong achievement icon
Hit an obstacle with all three balls.
heads-or-tails achievement icon
Heads or tails? 1000 XP
Throw a ball into another ball.
newton-s-cradle achievement icon
Newton's cradle 3000 XP
Hit the ball with another PowerShot ball.
social-freak achievement icon
Social freak 1000 XP
Tweet your score.
like-it achievement icon
Like it! 1000 XP
Post your results on Facebook.
thrifty-throws achievement icon
Thrifty throws 2000 XP
Finish level with 3 balls.
i-ve-got-the-power achievement icon
Perform 5 PowerShots on single level.
the-fastest-mouse-in-all-mexico achievement icon
Collect 50 Speedies.
quick-endless achievement icon
Quick Endless 5000 XP
Complete endless mode very fast.
endless-fun achievement icon
Endless fun 4000 XP
Complete endless mode twice.
perfect-concentration achievement icon
Achieve 9x multiplier on endless mode.
superhuman achievement icon
Superhuman 5000 XP
Finish 10 levels in a row with 9x multiplier.
out-of-this-world achievement icon
Finish 15 levels in a row with 9x multiplier.
endless-journey achievement icon
Endless journey 1000 XP
Beat endless mode 3 times in a row.
endless-passion achievement icon
Endless passion 1000 XP
Beat endless mode 5 times in a row.
x-factor achievement icon
X-Factor 1000 XP
Collect all the stars on Armory levels.
skill-level-ninja achievement icon
Hit in 200 fired cans.
better-than-speedy achievement icon
Collect 100 Speedies.
earl-aye-in-the-morning achievement icon
Collect all the stars on Shipyard levels.
mine-foreman achievement icon
Mine foreman 1000 XP
Collect all the stars on Coal Mine levels.
b-52 achievement icon
B-52 1000 XP
Collect all the stars on Junkyard levels
dead-end_1 achievement icon
Dead End 1000 XP
Collect all the stars on Dead End levels
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