Can Knockdown Achievement List

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Infinite Dreams
Total XP29500 points
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9 Achievements

canned-it achievement icon
Canned it! 2000 XP
Complete a round by using just 1 Ball!
last-hope achievement icon
Last Hope 2000 XP
Beat a level with only 1 ball left.
cutting-edge_1 achievement icon
Cutting edge 2000 XP
Hit the edge of the background 2 times.
3-in-a-row achievement icon
3 in a row! 2000 XP
Get three strikes in a row!
not-bad_1 achievement icon
Not Bad 2000 XP
Get a score of over 50 points.
let-it-snow_2 achievement icon
Let it snow! 2000 XP
Unlock Winter Location
boombastic achievement icon
Boombastic 5000 XP
Hit a total of 100 bomb cans.
4-in-a-row achievement icon
4 in a row! 5000 XP
Get four strikes in a row!
5-in-a-row_1 achievement icon
5 in a row! 7500 XP
Get five strikes in a row!
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