Build a Bridge! Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Build a Bridge! below. This game is developed by BoomBit Games. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP36000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


engineer_2 achievement icon
Engineer 500 XP
Build a 3-star bridge without hints
one-with-nature achievement icon
One with Nature 2500 XP
3-star all bridges in the first world
snow-queen-s-architect achievement icon
3-star all bridges in the second world
sandbridges achievement icon
Sandbridges 2500 XP
3-star all bridges in the third world
bridge-master achievement icon
Bridge Master 10000 XP
3-star all bridges in the game
freeloader achievement icon
Freeloader 1000 XP
3-star 3 bridges with "Build for me" option
demanding-client achievement icon
3-star a bridge with hints
contractor achievement icon
Contractor 500 XP
Build a bridge using hints
animal-person achievement icon
Animal Person 1000 XP
Interact with every animal in the game
so-energetic achievement icon
So Energetic! 1000 XP
Interact with a Wind Turbine and an Oil Pump
stunt-driver achievement icon
Stunt Driver 2500 XP
Build a ramp instead of a bridge
what-s-this_1 achievement icon
What's this? 2500 XP
Interact with every possible object
perfectionist_18 achievement icon
Perfectionist 1000 XP
Improve the rating of a 1-star or 2-star bridge to 3 stars
who-needs-that achievement icon
Who needs that? 1000 XP
Build a bridge with some BasePoints left
it-s-gotten-cloudy achievement icon
Get rid of 10 clouds in a level
aspiring-architect achievement icon
Complete all levels in the game
i-want-again achievement icon
I want again 1000 XP
Unlock the Hidden Level
Rate The Game
How Heavy Was The Advertising?
Rate The Visuals
Difficulty To Unlock All Achievements
Time Required To Get 100% Achievements