Bit Heroes Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Bit Heroes below. This game is developed by Kongregate. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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CategoryRole Playing
Total XP28000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


high-five_6 achievement icon
High Five! 500 XP
Reach Level 5
mountain-climber achievement icon
Reach Level 20
50-50 achievement icon
50/50 1500 XP
Reach Level 50
centurion_4 achievement icon
Centurion 2000 XP
Reach Level 100
its-over-9000 achievement icon
its over 9000! 2500 XP
Reach Level 200
bros-besties achievement icon
Collect 1 Familiar
5-is-alive achievement icon
5 is Alive! 1000 XP
Collect 5 Different Familiars
but-who-is-going-to-feed-and-walk-them achievement icon
Collect 20 Different Familiars
we-bought-a-zoo achievement icon
We Bought A Zoo 2000 XP
Collect 50 Different Familiars
we-re-gonna-need-a-bigger-boat achievement icon
Collect 100 Different Familiars
spirit-of-adventure achievement icon
Defeat Lord Cerulean
number-two-make-it-so achievement icon
Defeat Gemm
the-princess-is-in-another-castle achievement icon
Defeat Quirrel
real-bit-hero achievement icon
Real Bit Hero 2000 XP
Defeat Kov'alg
just-started_1 achievement icon
Just STARted! 500 XP
Collect 5 Quest Stars
dancing-with-the-stars achievement icon
Collect 15 Quest Stars
star-power_2 achievement icon
Star Power 1500 XP
Collect 30 Quest Stars
hella-stars achievement icon
Hella Stars! 2000 XP
Collect 50 Quest Stars
it-worked achievement icon
Make a fusion
social-butterfly achievement icon
Add a friend
not-slytherin-not-slytherin achievement icon
Join a Guild
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