Avakin Life Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Avakin Life below. This game is developed by Lockwood Publishing Ltd. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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CategoryRole Playing
Total XP25500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


make-yourself-at-home achievement icon
Complete 5 interactions with furniture
chatterbox_3 achievement icon
Chatterbox 500 XP
Post 10 chat messages
world-travelled achievement icon
Visit 5 different scenes
cream-of-the-crop achievement icon
Visit the top rated scene
i-rated achievement icon
I, Rated 500 XP
Rate someones elses apartment 5 times
fidgety achievement icon
Fidgety 500 XP
Play 5 different animations
knock-knock_2 achievement icon
Knock, Knock 500 XP
Join a friends apartment 5 times
collector_26 achievement icon
Collector 1000 XP
Max out your favourites page
sunbathing achievement icon
Sunbathing 1000 XP
Spend 1 hour at the Golden Sands Bay
conversationalist achievement icon
Post 100 chat messages
interior-designer_1 achievement icon
Buy 7 furniture items
r-s-v-p achievement icon
R.S.V.P 1000 XP
Send 5 invites to friends to join your apartment
gatecrashing achievement icon
Gatecrashing 1000 XP
Spend 1 hour at a strangers apartment
charity-case achievement icon
Charity Case 1000 XP
Gift 3 items of furniture to friends
squatter achievement icon
Squatter 1000 XP
Join a friends apartment 50 times
walk-500-miles achievement icon
Walk 500 miles 2000 XP
The first 50 will do
socialite_3 achievement icon
Socialite 2000 XP
Send 50 invites to friends to join your apartment
long-haul_1 achievement icon
Long Haul 2000 XP
Rack up 128 hours of game time
gossip-guru achievement icon
Gossip Guru 2000 XP
Post 1,000 chat messages
judge-mental achievement icon
Judge-mental 2000 XP
Rate someone elses apartment 100 times
shopaholic_3 achievement icon
Shopaholic 2000 XP
Buy a furniture item from 4 different categories
fully-loaded_2 achievement icon
Fully Loaded 2000 XP
Use up the full item capacity for all areas in an apartment
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