Auralux Achievement List

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War Drum Studios
Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

12 Achievements

starter-kit achievement icon
Starter Kit 2500 XP
Win a level other than the tutorial
stellar-revenge achievement icon
Stellar Revenge 2500 XP
Take back a sun that was taken from you
double-kill achievement icon
Double Kill 5000 XP
Destroy two enemy suns within 3 seconds of each other
in-your-face achievement icon
In your face! 5000 XP
Defeat all of your enemies before they expand to more than 2 suns
play-school-baby achievement icon
Win a level without upgrading any of your suns
strategic-conquest achievement icon
Complete a game in which one enemy completely finished off the other
tyrant achievement icon
Tyrant 5000 XP
Win a level in which none of your opponents captured each other's suns.
comeback-kid achievement icon
Comeback Kid 10000 XP
Win a level in which you've lost control of 5 or more suns.
super-skills achievement icon
Super Skills 15000 XP
Win a level in under 2 minutes in Speed Mode
completionist achievement icon
Completionist 15000 XP
Beat at least 15 levels in Normal Mode
speed-demon_1 achievement icon
Speed Demon 15000 XP
Beat at least 15 levels in Speed Mode
fast-thinker achievement icon
Fast Thinker 15000 XP
Beat at least 15 levels in under 4 minutes
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