Atomas Achievement List

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Total XP47000 points
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10 Achievements

breath-in achievement icon
Breath in! 1000 XP
Create the Oxygen Atom
silicon-valley achievement icon
Silicon Valley 2000 XP
Create the Silicon Atom
everything-is-chrome-in-the-future achievement icon
Create the Chromium Atom
german-engineering achievement icon
Create the Germanium Atom
gold-rush_1 achievement icon
Gold rush 5000 XP
Create the Gold Atom
the-leading-lead achievement icon
Create the Lead Atom
still-undiscovered achievement icon
Create the secret element
atom-party achievement icon
Atom Party 1000 XP
Get a score of 1000 in classic mode
atoms-everywhere achievement icon
Get a score of 10.000 in classic mode
an-atom-seldom-comes-alone achievement icon
Get a score of 100.000 in classic mode
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