Angry Birds Transformers Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Angry Birds Transformers below. This game is developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP42500 points
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brothers-in-armor achievement icon
Rescued your first team-mate.
got-your-back achievement icon
Got Your Back 2000 XP
Called in 5 different buddy characters to help you.
roll-out achievement icon
Roll Out! 1000 XP
Traveled 10 miles.
ultimate-weapon achievement icon
Upgrade a character to level 3.
the-veteran_1 achievement icon
The Veteran 500 XP
Completes 20 Events
slow-motion-cool achievement icon
Dodged 50 falling Monoliths without getting hit as an Autobird.
electromagnetic-pulse achievement icon
Disable 100 walking Mortar Towers with the Energon EMP Stunner as an Autobird .
incoming achievement icon
Incoming! 500 XP
Shoot down 10 missiles before they hit you - as an Autobird
this-is-for-the-eggs achievement icon
Pop 500 pigs as an Autobird.
revenge_1 achievement icon
Revenge! 3000 XP
Pop 50 pigs in a single event as an Autobird.
defending-like-defensor achievement icon
Block 10 missiles with the Energon Shield as an Autobird.
stop-shooting-at-me achievement icon
Destroy 100 walking Mortar Towers as a Deceptihog.
skywarp-smash achievement icon
Cause 100 damage with Energon Airstrikes as a Deceptihog.
not-junk-yet achievement icon
Not junk yet 2000 XP
Finish an Event with less than 5% armor left as a Deceptihog.
should-ve-kept-the-instructions achievement icon
Board Astrotrain while “scrambled” by a missile as a Deceptihog.
highway-to-destruction achievement icon
Destroy 5,000 blocks as a Deceptihog
emperor-of-destruction achievement icon
Destroy 500 blocks as a in a single Event as a Deceptihog
collectors-club achievement icon
Customize 2 different characters with accessories
battle-squad achievement icon
Battle Squad 1000 XP
Complete 2 Squads
time-rift-slow achievement icon
Time Rift: Slow 1000 XP
Do 200 damage while in slow-motion as an Autobird
time-rift-fast achievement icon
Time Rift: Fast 1000 XP
Do 100 damage while in fast-forward as an Autobird
deceptihogs-thank-no-one achievement icon
Don't thank 2 buddies after Deceptihog events!
hunger achievement icon
Hunger 1000 XP
Collect 10 Energon cubes as a Deceptihog in Pig City
the-wreckers achievement icon
The Wreckers 1000 XP
Your Transformer, teammate and Energonicon all fired at the same time
shiny-new-toy achievement icon
Shiny New Toy 1000 XP
Craft a Rarity 2 Energonicon
much-crafty achievement icon
Much Crafty! 1000 XP
Craft an Energonicon
materialistic achievement icon
Materialistic 1000 XP
Use one of each Material type in the Crafting Lab at least once
masterpiece achievement icon
Masterpiece 1000 XP
Craft something using 3 pieces of Super Rareium
firepower_1 achievement icon
Firepower 1000 XP
Use an Energonicon in an Event
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