Angry Birds Friends Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Angry Birds Friends below. This game is developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

There is no guide information for this game. Use this link to Submit an Achievement Guide for this game.

Total XP16000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


earner_3 achievement icon
Earner 1000 XP
Earn 1000 Coins
hoarder_1 achievement icon
Hoarder 1000 XP
Earn 5000 Coins
spender achievement icon
Spender 1000 XP
Spend 1000 Coins
big-spender_15 achievement icon
Big Spender 1000 XP
Spend 5000 Coins
hero_11 achievement icon
Hero 1000 XP
Use Wingman ten times
superhero_2 achievement icon
Superhero 1000 XP
Use Wingman 100 times
ruler achievement icon
Ruler 1000 XP
Use King Sling ten times
royalty achievement icon
Royalty 1000 XP
Use King Sling 100 times
brewer achievement icon
Brewer 1000 XP
Use Power Potion ten times
chemist achievement icon
Chemist 1000 XP
Use Power Potion 100 times
sentry achievement icon
Sentry 1000 XP
Use Sling Scope ten times
sharpshooter_9 achievement icon
Sharpshooter 1000 XP
Use Sling Scope 100 times
shaker achievement icon
Shaker 1000 XP
Use Birdquake ten times
rumbler achievement icon
Rumbler 1000 XP
Use Birdquake 100 times
popper_3 achievement icon
Popper 1000 XP
Pop 1000 Pigs
blaster_3 achievement icon
Blaster 1000 XP
Pop 10000 Pigs
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