Angry Birds Epic Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Angry Birds Epic below. This game is developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP50500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


meet-chuck achievement icon
Meet Chuck 1000 XP
Free Yellow Bird from imprisonment
meet-matilda achievement icon
Meet Matilda 1000 XP
Save White Bird, a damsel in distress
meet-bomb achievement icon
Meet Bomb 1000 XP
Help Black Bird repair his ship
meet-jay-jake-jim achievement icon
Rescue the Blue Birds from Porky's armada
royal-keys achievement icon
Royal Keys 1000 XP
Obtain the Yellow Pig Key
magic-keys achievement icon
Magic Keys 1000 XP
Obtain the Blue Pig Key
one-key-to-rule-them-all achievement icon
Obtain the legendary Red Pig Key
first-steps_1 achievement icon
First Steps 1500 XP
Complete the 1st Castle and retrieve the 1st egg
desert-raider achievement icon
Desert Raider 1500 XP
Complete the 2nd Castle and retrieve the 2nd egg
creepy-castle achievement icon
Creepy Castle 1500 XP
Complete the 3rd Castle and retrieve the 3rd egg
summiteer achievement icon
Summiteer 1500 XP
Complete the 4th Castle and retrieve the 4th egg
final-fortress achievement icon
Final Fortress 1500 XP
Complete the final Castle and retrieve the 5th egg
veteran-class achievement icon
Veteran Class 1500 XP
Ability to upgrade a class to VETERAN is no longer available
elite-class achievement icon
Elite Class 2000 XP
Ability to upgrade a class to ELITE is no longer available
master-class achievement icon
Master Class 2500 XP
Ability to upgrade a class to MASTER is no longer available
the-deepest-dungeon achievement icon
Enter the legendary, the elusive… CHRONICLE CAVE!
fly-like-a-bird achievement icon
Fly like a Bird 1500 XP
Obtain the airship and take to the skies
the-journey-begins_1 achievement icon
Obtain the great bird ship
dive-like-a-fish achievement icon
Obtain the submarine and explore the deep seas
arena-master_1 achievement icon
Arena Master 2500 XP
Reach the first place in diamond league
rocky-road achievement icon
Rocky road 500 XP
Reach the stone league
silver-star_2 achievement icon
Silver star 1000 XP
Reach the silver league
golden-boy_1 achievement icon
Golden boy 1000 XP
Reach the gold league
platinum-dreams achievement icon
Platinum Dreams 1500 XP
Reach the platinum league
mission-accomplished_1 achievement icon
Complete 100 arena objectives
defeat-them-all achievement icon
Coming soon.
play-them-all achievement icon
Play them all 1500 XP
Win arena battles with every bird class
standard-bearer achievement icon
Standard bearer 1000 XP
Obtain a complete bird banner set
meet-terence achievement icon
Meet Terence 500 XP
Enter the bird arena ship
top-of-the-flock achievement icon
Complete any league in first place
cave-delver achievement icon
Cave delver 1500 XP
Complete 10 chronicle caves
battle-master_1 achievement icon
Battle master 1500 XP
Win 100 arena battles
curse-of-the-necromancer achievement icon
Complete an undead event
for-the-pirate-king achievement icon
Complete a pirate event
under-the-cloud-of-night achievement icon
Complete a ninja event
champion-for-once achievement icon
Reach the first leaderboard position in an event
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