Amateur Surgeon 4 Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Amateur Surgeon 4 below. This game is developed by [adult swim] games. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP78000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


fresh-out-the-tank achievement icon
Perform your first surgery
like-an-egyptian achievement icon
Befriend an embalmer
thanks-for-the-memories achievement icon
Repair a curious contraption
hot-or-cold achievement icon
Hot or Cold? 500 XP
Find hidden injuries with the detector
fresh-meat achievement icon
Fresh Meat 1000 XP
Perform your first organ transplant
humble-beginnings achievement icon
Re-live Alan’s earliest surgeries
back-in-the-saddle achievement icon
Help an elderly Alan start surgeoning again
who-turned-out-the-lights achievement icon
Perform surgery in the dark
get-to-the-chopper achievement icon
Arrive at Guru Mountain
vice-and-easy achievement icon
Vice and Easy 500 XP
Master the clamps
no-payne-no-gain achievement icon
Re-live Ophelia’s earliest surgeries
it-s-not-rocket-science achievement icon
Perform brain surgery
old-dog-new-tricks achievement icon
Operate on an old friend
nip-tucker achievement icon
Nip Tucker 500 XP
Perform cosmetic surgery
some-assembly-required achievement icon
Make a monster
stolen-identity achievement icon
Stolen Identity 1000 XP
Perform a live brain transplant
light-my-fire achievement icon
Light My Fire 2500 XP
Learn the identity of the Intercom Voice
with-a-trumpety-trump achievement icon
Operate on a giant mammal
incontinent-m-d achievement icon
Re-live Alan’s later years
tick-tick-tick achievement icon
Tick Tick Tick 1000 XP
Defuse an explosive situation
from-pizza-boy-to-man-of-medicine achievement icon
Re-live all of Probe and Bleed’s time together
surgery-in-e-minor achievement icon
Operate on a massive organ
the-one-that-got-away achievement icon
Relive all of Alan and Ophelia’s earlier years
together-again achievement icon
Together Again 5000 XP
Reunite two old colleagues
brace-yourself achievement icon
Brace Yourself 1000 XP
Help a man with his spine... again
bounce-no-more achievement icon
Bounce No More 1000 XP
Help a troubled soul find peace
crossed-wires achievement icon
Crossed Wires 1000 XP
Conduct a deliciously evil experiment
pest-control_2 achievement icon
Pest Control 1000 XP
Invent a fiendish new security system
death-defying achievement icon
Death Defying 1000 XP
Win a pink bonus star for a Sudden Death surgery
with-a-little-help-from-my-friends achievement icon
Win a blue bonus star for a Partner Special surgery
star-collector-i achievement icon
Reach 50 total stars
star-collector-ii achievement icon
Reach 120 total stars
star-collector-iii achievement icon
Reach 250 total stars
star-collector-iv achievement icon
Reach 440 total stars
travelling-surgeon achievement icon
Complete a stage of all standard Field Hospital themes
out-in-the-field achievement icon
Finish Stage 1 of the Field Hospital
regular-field-surgeon achievement icon
Finish Stage 3 of the Field Hospital
seasoned-field-surgeon achievement icon
Finish Stage 5 of the Field Hospital
expert-field-surgeon achievement icon
Finish Stage 7 of the Field Hospital
legendary-field-surgeon achievement icon
Finish Stage 9 of the Field Hospital
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