Adventure Escape: Asylum Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Adventure Escape: Asylum below. This game is developed by Haiku Games. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP92000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


who-am-i achievement icon
Who Am I 2500 XP
Complete the Tutorial
lockpick achievement icon
Lockpick 3500 XP
Open the locked door
dog-whisperer achievement icon
Dog Whisperer 2500 XP
Solve the Dog Statues
murder achievement icon
Murder 2500 XP
Find the Nurse
special_12 achievement icon
Special 2500 XP
Give the Special to the hungry lady
organizer achievement icon
Organizer 2500 XP
Solve the cubby puzzle
safe-breaking achievement icon
Safe Breaking 3500 XP
Open the Safe
keen-observation achievement icon
Solve the rose puzzle
hammertime_3 achievement icon
Hammertime 2500 XP
Build a ladder
cryptic-code achievement icon
Cryptic Code 5000 XP
Enter the correct code in the skeleton room
mixologist achievement icon
Mixologist 3500 XP
Create Acid from the mixing puzzle
must-be-done achievement icon
Must Be Done 2500 XP
Clean the bathroom
abused-or-abuser achievement icon
Solve the missing files puzzle
there-she-is achievement icon
There She Is 3500 XP
Complete the film puzzle
murder-again achievement icon
Murder Again! 3500 XP
Discover the doctor
heart-breaker achievement icon
Heart Breaker 2500 XP
Open the locked door in the cottage
conductor achievement icon
Conductor 3500 XP
Complete the Train Puzzle
break-free achievement icon
Break Free 5000 XP
Escape the test room
pyro_2 achievement icon
Pyro 2500 XP
Burn the spider
rainbow_4 achievement icon
Rainbow 5000 XP
Complete the colored wire puzzle.
symbols achievement icon
Symbols 5000 XP
Open the locked case in the storage room
let-there-be-flashlight achievement icon
Turn on the lights
butterflies achievement icon
Butterflies 5000 XP
Solve the butterfly puzzle
it-ends-now achievement icon
It Ends Now 10000 XP
Open the trapdoor
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