AdVenture Communist Achievement List

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Total XP23000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

10 Achievements

can-you-dig-it achievement icon
Can You Dig It? 1000 XP
Dig 5 M Potatoes
from-a-land-downunda achievement icon
Unlock Land Industries
don-t-mine-me achievement icon
Don't Mine Me 1000 XP
Unlock Ore Industries
sweating-bullets achievement icon
Unlock Military Industries
don-t-operate-heavy-machinery achievement icon
Unlock Placebo Industries
commune-ity-service achievement icon
Dig 500 BB Potatoes
northern-hospitality achievement icon
Produce 5 EE Placebos
life-is-a-highway achievement icon
Unlock Ore Industries
squad-goals achievement icon
Squad Goals 1000 XP
Manufacture 50 DD Bullets
mine-your-own-business achievement icon
Mine 50 CC Ore
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