AdVenture Capitalist Achievement List

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Total XP80500 points
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32 Achievements

serious-citrus achievement icon
Serious Citrus! 1000 XP
Purchase 100 Lemonade Stands
you-ve-struck-oil achievement icon
Purchase Your First Oil Rig
the-big-hundsky achievement icon
Buy 100 of Everything on Earth
grand-standing achievement icon
Grand Standing! 2500 XP
Buy 1000 of Everything on Earth
frankly-ridiculous achievement icon
Buy 3000 of Everything on Earth
the-great-adventure achievement icon
Unlock the 626th Achievement on Earth
earth-overlord achievement icon
Earth Overlord! 4000 XP
Quattuorvigintillionaire! Reach 10^75 lifetime earnings. [This will show up as 75100000 in the leaderboards]
wholly-holy achievement icon
Wholly Holy! 3000 XP
Novemdecillionaire! Reach 10^60 lifetime earnings. [This will show up as 60100000 in the leaderboards]
let-s-learn-big-numbers achievement icon
Decillionaire! Reach 10^33 lifetime earnings. [This will show up as 33100000 in the leaderboards]
offshore-accounts achievement icon
Tredecillionaire! Reach 10^42 lifetime earnings. [This will show up as 42100000 in the leaderboards]
googolaire achievement icon
Googolaire! 5000 XP
Duotrigintillionaire! Reach 10^100 lifetime earnings. [This will show up as 100100000 in the leaderboards]
meta-reference achievement icon
Meta Reference! 2500 XP
Purchase the “Cana-dough Exchange” Earth upgrade - Where’s the roof on this thing?
accurate-description achievement icon
Purchase the “Forever And Ever” Earth upgrade - Many Angels died to bring us this acceleration...
life-s-manager achievement icon
Life's Manager! 5000 XP
Buy 32 of Earth's managers with only Lemonade Stands - The only investment you need.
triumph achievement icon
Triumph! 2500 XP
Unlock the “Achievement” Everything unlock on Earth (5000) - This is probably quite stupendous.
ominous_1 achievement icon
Ominous... 1000 XP
Buy 666 or more of each Earth investment - A lot of unlucky numbers.
capitalism-classic achievement icon
Unlock 500 Earth Achievements - Grats! The cash amounts you’ve earned have no meaningful mathematical comparison in the universe!
delegation achievement icon
Delegation! 2500 XP
Hire 20 Managers on the Moon - The mark of a true leader!
1-small-step achievement icon
1 Small Step... 1000 XP
Get 1 of every Moon investment - 1 giant leap for management!
here-we-go-again achievement icon
Purchase the first angel upgrade on the Moon, “It Begins Again” - Great renewable resource, or GREATEST?
over-9000_1 achievement icon
OVER 9000! 2500 XP
Purchase more than 9000 Moon Shoe investments - No reference is too tired.
moon-walk_1 achievement icon
Moon Walk! 2500 XP
Hire 20 Moon managers with only Moon Shoes. - One Product. One Destiny.
lucky-ducky achievement icon
Lucky Ducky 2500 XP
Buy 777 or more of each Moon investment. Jackpot!
that-achievement-s-name achievement icon
Reach the “Special Relativity” Moon unlock (100 everything) - …Was Albert Einstein.
moonumental-achievement achievement icon
Reach 1111 of everything on the Moon - Literally out of this world.
divine-intervention achievement icon
Reset for your first Moon Angel - Help is on the way!
one-more_22 achievement icon
One More! 5000 XP
Purchase your 1112nd Giant Laser - Not because it is easy...
moogal achievement icon
Moogal! 2500 XP
Reach 10^100 Moon Bucks - It’s fun to say.
2-decillion-wings achievement icon
Reach 2 Decillion angels - Holy!
gallery-tour achievement icon
Gallery Tour! 1000 XP
Click the Gallery button on the Moon (in the Unlock Menu) -Did you know that was a button?
release-the-hounds achievement icon
Deploy your Profit Martians for the First Time
mars-attacks achievement icon
Mars Attacks! 5000 XP
Unlock the 2500 of Everything Achievement - "Show Them the Meaning of Haste"
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