2048 Number Puzzle game Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for 2048 Number Puzzle game below. This game is developed by Estoty Entertainment LLC. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP44000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


practicant achievement icon
Practicant 500 XP
Get 512 Tile in Practice mode (4x4)
winner_3 achievement icon
Winner 3000 XP
Win game 1 time (4x4)
expert_9 achievement icon
Expert 10000 XP
Create 4096 tile (4x4)
newbie_1 achievement icon
Newbie 1000 XP
Earn 1000 points in any mode (4x4)
survival-beginner achievement icon
Survive for 20 seconds (4x4)
survival-advanced achievement icon
Survive for 90 seconds (4x4)
soldier achievement icon
Soldier 1000 XP
Create 128 tile in All modes (4x4)
corporal_1 achievement icon
Corporal 1500 XP
Create 256 tile in All modes (4x4)
sergeant_2 achievement icon
Sergeant 2000 XP
Create 512 tile in All modes (4x4)
survival-expert achievement icon
Survival Expert 2000 XP
Survive for 180 seconds (4x4)
bear-grillz achievement icon
Bear Grillz 3000 XP
Survive for 600 seconds (4x4)
major_3 achievement icon
Major 2500 XP
Create 1024 tile in All modes (4x4)
general_1 achievement icon
General 5000 XP
Create 2048 tile in All modes (4x4)
online-king achievement icon
Online King 2000 XP
Play 10 online matches in any mode
row-of-four achievement icon
Row of Four 1000 XP
Collect in any vertical or horizontal row five tiles with 4 in 5x5 Classic mode
row-of-eight achievement icon
Row of Eight 2000 XP
Collect in any vertical or horizontal row five tiles with 8 in 5x5 Classic mode TIP: Try to swipe only horizontal or vertical
row-of-two achievement icon
Row of Two 3000 XP
Collect in any vertical or horizontal row five tiles with 2 in 5x5 Classic mode
challenges achievement icon
Challenges 2500 XP
Get all stars in Challenges mode
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