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Ocarina Of Time OST Remastered On The NES

I recently came across a really cool NES VST plugin that was able to replicate the sounds from the original Nintendo Entertainment System incredibly well. After playing around with it a bit I was able to get a few songs created which I have uploaded to the YouTube channel. Since the Ocarina of Time is one of my favourite Zelda games, I decided to do an Ocarina of Time OST Remaster.

Below is the playlist on YouTube. If the video doesn’t show up, you can click here to view the songs from the Ocarina of Time remastered as NES songs.

I have put the credit to each individual creator of the tracks used in the video description. I got all of the midi tracks from VGMusic. I used Ableton Live to build the tracks and sounds. I tried my best to stick to the 5 layer limit that the NES had, but in some cases, I do have more than this. Technically they are no longer NES remasters, but they use the sounds with a few layers of sound here and there that the NES wouldn’t have supported.

I have been lining up some ideas and tracks going forward. If people would like to see Majora’s Mask remastered in a similar way let me know. If enough people want It I will find the time to remaster all of the songs from this game and maybe some other Zelda games.

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