Xbox One Can Now Play Online With PS4

For years this has been something that everyone has always wanted and complained about. If you own a Playstation and your friend owns an Xbox, it is not possible for you guys to play online together. This is all about to change after Microsoft announce a massive turnaround in their online business model. Microsoft have opened up their network to allow for cross platform online play. This means that people gaming on the Xbox One can now play online with PS4 gamers.

This is pretty big news and comes as quite a surprise, but it does feel like Microsoft have an ulterior motive with this. The news broke on the official Xbox blog where they have confirmed (without mentioning names) that the Xbox can now play online with other games consoles if the developers wish to implement it. I’m sure there will be an outpouring of fans that will be quizzing developers as to whether they will be including this functionality in their existing and upcoming games.

The first game that will support this is the highly popular Rocket League, which seems to be making a bigger name for itself every day. We dont know at the moment, when exactly the patch will release to allow for this functionality, but its definitely big news and will be huge press for the game when the patch does get released.

This is sure to bring along a hell of a lot of cool news over the next few months, so it is going to get pretty exciting to see where this ends up going.


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