Write For Us – Guest Blogging

Are you starting out a new gaming blog and it is proving to be difficult to get any coverage, guest blogging is a great way to go about changing this. Even though the title of this page is “write for us”, this site is a one man band, that I have built up myself. I know first hand how difficult it can be to break out and I remember how difficult it was to get any guest post opportunities. This is why I want to give people guest blogging opportunities on this website. The door is open, I accept guest posts.

While I am happy to accept guest blog posts, they absolutely must be related to gaming. I may consider other topics if they can be linked in somehow. I’ll put my foot down now and say, if you are looking to promote your casino website, piss off! I will give you a dofollow link, but only if the content deserves it. This isn’t a free link building service you can abuse as part of a marketing strategy

Note: Due to idiots promoting casino websites non stop, I may not reply to you immediately. If you do not hear back after a week or so, try again.
Note 2: You are the one wanting to publish an article on my site. Please do not ask me for ideas for what you can write about. If you do not have any good ideas for a guest post, then you need to rethink your guest posting strategy.

To submit a guest post, please send an email to [email protected] with [Guest Post] In the title. I will get back to you ASAP. Please read over the guidelines below.

Guest post guidelines

  1. Minimum 500 words.
  2. Topic MUST be gaming related.
  3. 1 dofollow backlink. Let me know which link is the important one as all others will be marked as nofollow. If you write an exceptionally good piece I may allow for more than 1 link.
  4. Absolutely no casino or porn websites
  5. Linked websites must be related to the topic. Do not write about the “best video games” and then link to your website selling shoes.
  6. Please check for spelling and grammar. I’m no pro at it myself, but please make the effort.
  7. If your post includes images in the body, please provide sources, I do not want a copyright claim.
  8. All posts must contain one image for use as a thumbnail.
  9. The content can’t be on another website. I will reject any submissions that I find on another website and i will delete the post as soon as I get a duplicate content warning. If you want to submit guest posts to this site, they need to be unique.
  10. If you want to ensure your piece is accepted, read the content guidelines below.
  11. Promo pieces are not allowed. E.g. check out my great website. You need to write a blog post and naturally link your website in the body. This isn’t to be used as an advertisement.

Other important notes

  • I will share posts on social media. I will also retweet/reshare any posts you make on social media. Send me the links and I will do it.
  • I will feature posts I find interesting on the homepage and sidebar. I will not do this on request, but i will give feedback that will help you write an interesting piece if this is what you want.
  • Your post will be indexed by search engines fairly fast, no need to worry about it.
  • Your post will remain on the website forever.
  • Post author will be marked as a guest writer.

Want to pitch an idea first?

I have been here before, it takes time to write guest posts, nobody wants to waste their time. Nothing worse than writing a really good 1000 word piece and never hearing back from the blog again. Maybe they plan to steal it! Anyway, if you want to pitch an idea first, feel free to do so. If you tell me your intentions, I will give you some feedback to help you write a piece that will be accepted and maybe published on the homepage banner and sidebar.

Best types of content to write about

If you are stuck for ideas for a piece of content, check out the ideas below. These kinds of posts typically perform very well and I personally like to read them. Just make sure there isn’t a similar post on the site already. Google may ignore duplicate posts and as a result, your post will not get indexed and show up in Google searches.

  • Top lists e.g. 10 best video game swords
  • How to guides e.g. How to setup X on Xbox
  • Tips and strategy e.g. Best way to get kills in Fortnite, Ultimate XP grinding method for {insert game name}
  • Fan theory – Think there is a hidden meaning behind something, so long as you have some credible proof, I would love to post it.

You can write about absolutely anything you like, the ideas above are just there to help you out if you get stuck.