World War II Bunker Escape Room: A Thrilling Puzzle Adventure

World War 2 Bunker Escape Room

Step into history with our World War II Bunker Escape Room! Designed to challenge and educate, this immersive experience transports you back to the 1940s. Navigate through a series of intricate puzzles and decode secret messages, all while immersed in the authentic atmosphere of a WWII-era bunker. Perfect for history buffs and puzzle enthusiasts alike, our escape room offers an unforgettable journey through one of the most pivotal periods in history.

  • Theme: World War II Bunker
  • Setting: A meticulously recreated WWII-era bunker with authentic decor, sounds, and props.
  • Briefing Video: Participants watch a video briefing them on their mission: to retrieve a secret document vital to the war effort.

Puzzle 1: The Entrance Code

  • Description: The door to the main bunker is locked with a cipher lock.
  • Puzzle: Participants must decode a series of Morse code messages played over an old radio to get the code.
  • Props: An old radio, Morse code chart, paper, and pencils.

Puzzle 2: Map Room Mystery

ww2 bunker map room

  • Description: Inside the bunker, there’s a map room with various WWII-era maps and documents.
  • Puzzle: Participants need to find the correct map and use a UV light to reveal hidden instructions.
  • Props: Maps, UV light, hidden compartments.

Puzzle 3: The Radio Transmission

  • Description: A broken radio needs to be fixed to receive a crucial message.
  • Puzzle: Participants must find radio parts hidden around the room and fix the radio. Once fixed, it plays a number sequence.
  • Props: Radio parts, tools, number sequence for the next puzzle.

Puzzle 4: The Enigma Machine

ww2 escape room enigma machine

  • Description: An Enigma machine is found, encrypted with the day’s settings.
  • Puzzle: Use the number sequence from the radio to set up the Enigma machine and decode a message that gives the location of the secret document.
  • Props: Enigma machine replica, coded message.

Puzzle 5: Secret Compartment

  • Description: A hidden compartment in the bunker’s wall.
  • Puzzle: Participants must decipher a series of war-time letters that hint at the compartment’s opening mechanism.
  • Props: War-time letters, hidden compartment, secret document.

Final Challenge: Avoiding Capture

  • Description: As participants retrieve the document, lights flash and sirens blare, simulating an enemy raid.
  • Challenge: Participants must use a hidden tunnel to escape, solving a quick puzzle to unlock its entrance.
  • Props: Hidden tunnel, lock mechanism with puzzle.


  • Celebration: Once the group escapes, they are debriefed and congratulated on their successful mission.
  • Photo Opportunity: A themed photo area with WWII costumes and props for a memorable end to the experience.

Additional Elements

  • Sound Effects: Period-accurate sound effects like air raids, radio chatter, and bunker ambient sounds.
  • Lighting: Dim, flickering lights to simulate a bunker atmosphere.
  • Actors: Optionally, staff dressed in period uniforms can enhance the experience.
  • Timer: We have a handy WW2 themed timer to use for any screens in the room.

This plan offers a blend of historical authenticity and engaging challenges, ensuring an immersive and educational experience for participants.

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