Windows 8 Games Can be Ported To Xbox One In a Day

Xbox director of development Boyd Multerer has recently spoken on why the Xbox One is a great platform for indie game studios. According to Multerer games written for Windows 8 can be ported over the the Xbox One with ease due to their similarities. “We spent a lot of time making sure that if you know how to write a game in DirectX in Windows, you already know how to write a game in Xbox One, and the games that are being written for Windows 8 that are using DX are porting really quickly to Xbox One. Like often in a day, maybe two, because the APIs are that similar.” This will definitely be great news to both developers and gamers.


This news comes along with the announcement of 25 indie games for the Xbox One. These have all been brought to light thanks to the Id@Xbox programme. A lot of these games are ports from existing games already released for the PC but it definitely shows a strong future for indie games on the Microsoft console. As more and more developers realise how simple it can be to port a game to the Xbox One we will see a steady stream of great indie titles being released on the Xbox One.

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