Zero Time Dilemma Passwords & Codes


    Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma contains various scenes in the game where you have to input a free text option based on information you may or may not have discovered yet. While playing through the game i found many times that I had already found the clue or even been told the password but did not pay enough attention and forgot what it was. For those like me who played this game in small chunks it makes it even more difficult to remember a subtle clue that happened weeks ago. This is why i have prepared a massive spoiler ridden list of all of the zero time dilemma passwords & codes.

    Please use this list at your own risk. I am guaranteeing you 100% that there are spoilers in each of the pages. If you have already done everything, but forgotten the clue that is fine, but be careful. I will alert in bold when i am abound to reveal a spoiler so I can best give the information without spoiling anything major in the event that you visit a page by accident.

    If anyone has anything to add please feel free to edit the pages to add more information.

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