X-Rocker Pro Review


    The X-Rocker pro is a gaming chair that boasts built in speakers, sub woofer and vibration function all wrapped in a sleek leather bound chair. The chair comes with everything that you might expect, but is the X-Rocker pro any good?

    There are quite a lot of features to break down with this chair, but overall it as a massive let down. It looks as though corners were cut in every place possible to deliver a cheap, low quality chair. The chair feels more like a design that was put into production before a prototype could be tested to see if the chair actually worked.

    Ill start with the arm rests since this actually turned out to be one of the most backward designs i have ever seen. The arm rests are weak as hell, it even has a warning on the chair not to put any pressure on them. To make it worse, the arm rests have deep grooves with sharp edges that really cut into your elbows if you are wearing a t-shirt. I had to file the sharp edges down to stop it cutting my arms. There are also more sharp edges underneath the arm rests that will stick into your legs if you move around. The best solution would be to remove them, but I wanted them, so the only option was to sand the entire thing down to make it smooth instead of sharp.

    The next thing is the comfort. It is a chair after all, so you would think it would be comfortable, well its not. The chair has very little padding on it. After a few days you will start to feel hard pieces of wood under your legs which make it really uncomfortable. Using a cushion resolves this, but a chair shouldn’t require cushions to provide reasonable comfort. The height of the back is also quite short, if you are in the region of 6ft, this chair will give you no head support unless you slouch. The only good thing I can say about the comfort is that the chairs lean back like office chairs which is really nice. It’s squeaky as hell, but it does make the chair more comfortable if you have somewhere to put your feet up.

    In terms of just being chair the X-Rocker pro is nothing short of overpriced garbage. Its incredibly uncomfortable. Its clear the chair got very little testing. The X Rocker is not just a chair, its a gaming chair, so what are the internal parts like?

    The X-Rocker pro has 2 speakers to the side of your head and 2 pretend speakers down by your feet (seems pointless). These speakers are quite good, but when playing games they throw you off a lot. All games these days support stereo sound, sound is usually built in such a way that sounds behind you will be more quiet etc. Because the speakers are now behind your head it completely throws off all sound. I found myself turning around to find the enemy was to my right. It really hurts with FPS games. Connecting your chair to a surround sound setup is the only to make this work. The sub woofer inside the chair is quite powerful and delivers a really nice punch during explosions. This does give a big enhancement. To give the explosions a bigger boost the chair contains a vibration motor. This is useless though. The vibration motor triggers on low frequencies such as a explosions, but it also triggers a lot for male voices. This means your back gets a pretty uncomfortable burst when a man is speaking. This got so annoying that I had to turn the motor off.

    The X-Rocker Pro would make a decent gaming chair for around 69.99, but the cost of around 199, the chair is a piece of overpriced junk. The chair was uncomfortable and the technology inside was not designed correctly. There is really no redeeming feature that I found with this chair. I would avoid buying this if possible, it’s a complete waste of money.

    Score 2/10

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