Vera Security


    After selecting Vera Security from the map, you will find yourself inside a shopping mall. Walk down a small bit and you will find Vera Security on the left, go inside. You will be presented with a screaming woman who is afraid if the cockroach. I’m sure your first reaction will to be “Stomp that mofo!”, but unfortunately this isn’t an option. This needs to be done the hard way.

    Head over to the table in the office and pick up the match box. Go back outside the office and speak to the man who is running the stall. Next to him will be a neon sign that is acting funny. Go over to it and alter to the words to that the word “ALADIN” is lit up. Once you do this go back and speak to the guy running the stall. He will be happy with what you did and will give you a cookie to help with your cockroach problem.

    Aladin Neon Sign
    Aladin Neon Sign

    Head back into Vera Security and go over to the cockroach. Use the match box to set the trap and use crumbs from the cookie to lure the cockroach into the box. Once the cockroach has been captured, the woman behind the counter will calm down.

    You should have the phone number for Vera Security in your phone. While still inside the office, ring the phone. The woman will answer the phone and no one will be there. While shes on the phone walk over and turn off the radio. When she gets off the phone she will walk back over to the radio to turn it off. When she does this she will leaver her black notebook sitting on the counter unattended. Snag the book and read the juicy details that are inside.

    Once you have obtained the image from inside the diary you can head back to the gallery.


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