Vera Security At Night


    Once you have finished up at Henri’s apartment, you will head back to the mall, you will now need to get into Vera Security at night, but the security shutter is down and you cannot get inside unless you can open it up.

    Walk over to the green box and push it down toward the entrance of the shopping mall. Once it’s in position look up at the girder on the roof. Interact with it and you will climb up onto it and shimmy across the beam to get to the electrical box for the shutters.

    Vera Security Shutter
    Vera Security Shutter

    Use the nail clipper to clip all of the wires that are connecting the pieces of hardware inside the shutter control box. Using the wire you found earlier bridge the gap between the power box and the shutter control. This will make the shutter open up. Head inside and go into the office. On the way in grab the q-tip which can be found in the drawer inside the main office before going into the back office.

    Inside the back office it will be pitch black. The light switch is right next to the door, but you will first need to combine a match and the matchbox to generate some light to reveal the light switch.

    On the floor you will see some oil. Use the q tip on this oil. Go over to the shredder in the table and lift off the lid, which is found on the far right of shredder on the top. Use the q tip on the rusty gear and hit the power button. You will now be presented with a challenge to unscramble the shredded letter. It’s pretty easy but takes time. The completed letter will look like this.

    Vera Security Shredded paper
    Vera Security Shredded paper

    Walk over to the air vent and use the paper clip that you have just collected on the air vent on the left side of the room. Once you have uncovered what is hidden inside you will be escorted away and your visit to Vera Security will be over.