Training Pokemon

    training pokemon
    training pokemon

    Unlike the methods used in other Pokemon games in the past, you do not raise the power or strength of your Pokemon by fighting. In Pokemon go, the monsters do not gain any XP from fighting and there is no XP in general for them. The strength of a Pokemon is determined by the CP value or Combat Power of the Pokemon. The higher this value is, the stronger the Pokemon is and the more damage that he will be able to do during gym battles. There are different ways in which you can make a Pokemon more powerful in Pokemon go. The guide below will list the various ways in which you can make them more powerful.

    Evolve Pokemon

    If you are familiar with how Pokemon works you will understand how evolving works. Most Pokemon have a base form. For example, Pikachu is a base form, he can be evolved into Raichu, who is a more powerful version, but still has similar abilities and appearance to Pikachu. To evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you must first determine if it can be done. Some Pokemon cant be evolved and once you have reached the max evolution you can’t go any higher.

    Evolving can be achieved by feeding Pokemon candy to the Pokemon. If you go to the Pokemon menu and view the Pokemon that you have collected you will be able to see the menu that allows you to trigger the evolution. This usually requires quite a lot of candy, meaning it isn’t going to be something that you can purchase early on in the game. Once you have enough candy, you can purchase the upgrade and make your Pokemon far more powerful than before.

    Power Up Pokemon

    Evolution is by far the best way to increase the power of your Pokemon, but it is expensive. If you have a Pokemon that is fully evolved or can’t be evolved, then this is your best way to make your Pokemon more powerful. Since candy is rare, you should make sure that it can’t first be used to evolve a Pokemon, before purchasing the power up options. When powering up a Pokemon, you will need to use a combination of candy and star dust. The dust is not specific to any Pokemon breed which makes it much easier to obtain. You will find the upgrade option for Pokemon in the same menu as the evolution option.

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