Research Lab Walkthrough


    The Research Lab is a quest room in Zero Time Dilemma. The room contains a lot of specimen jars and other typical lab equipment. This Research Lab Walkthrough will guide you through solving all of the puzzles contained within this quest room.

    Start by having a look around and picking up everything that you can see. There are some notes that will help if you need them (but they aren’t required as i will give you the answers here). If you turn around from the position you are facing at the start you will see a work area that contains 2 colored beakers. One with green and one with red, take these. In one of the corners you will also see a sink up against the wall. Look inside the sink to find a knife.

    Go over to the computer where you started the level. On the chair below is a pillow with a pig on it. Use the knife to cut this open. On the table to the right of the computer is a DNA model. Take the red piece from this. To the right of this is a machine with a large green light on the top. Use the red ball to unscrew the metal plate that is on the top. Place both beakers inside this machine to separate the chemicals. To save time later, put the yellow and red tubes back in to create an orange beaker.

    Next you will need to unlock the cabinet  that is opposite the large shelf of specimen jars. There is a color wheel for the lock. To solve this you needed to look at all chemicals under the microscope. The little cultures were connected in groups. The number in each group is the number of times you need to have a color set. Here are the answers.

    • White = 1
    • Blue = 2
    • Red = 3
    • Yellow = 5

    Inside the cabinet is a box with another puzzle. You need to drag the pictures onto the main plate so that the X symbol matches up with an X on the board. None of the images can overlap and the X can only be used once. If you tap a picture it will rotate. Start with the largest pieces and it should be quite simple to complete. Once you complete it you will be rewarded with 5 colored pill packets.

    To the right of the work area where you found the 2 colored beakers is a device that looks like a big microwave. Put the metal plate from the centrifuge inside this. This gives you the answer to the colors needed for the chemicals. Go left and you will see an incubator. Use the knife on the bottom left to open the input. Place the 3 color chemicals into this and it will open up. You will now have a baby in a jar.

    The computer monitor will have turned on to reveal what is definitely one of the hardest puzzles in this game. The colors on the screen will match one of the 5 specimen jars, but it doesn’t explain the order. If you look at the pills closely you will see that each pack is actually a number. For example, the blue pills make up a number 3. This is the order in which you need to place the jars. Go over to the 4 specimen jars and place the human. You can now reorder them based on the numbers on the pill packets. Here is the order for the specimen jars.


    Interact with the device that has opened up below the jars to prick your finger. The sink where you found the knife will also have opened up. Pull the sink to the other side of the room and connect it with the unit with the pig. Once you connect it the jar will shatter. Pick up the pig and place it on the work area to the left of the sink. Look in the drawer below this area to find a scalple. Use this to cut open the pig. You have now completed the Research Lab Walkthrough for Zero Time Dilemma.


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