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    There is a lot to know about playing Pokemon Go, and due to a mix of technical issues and lack of tutorials, a lot of information about the game is not immediately obvious. If there is anything that you would like to know about Pokemon Go that is not in this wiki, leave a comment. We will work to compile a complete and detailed FAQ that contains everything there is to know about playing Pokemon Go.

    Pokemon Go FAQ

    How Do You Enable The Camera?

    When playing Pokemon Go, how do you enable the game camera so that you can see the Pokemon in the real world when you want to try and capture them?

    Can Pokemon Be Captured At Home?

    A common question for those of us who are lazy is can pokemon be captured at home? the answer is yes, but its hard. Here are the methods you can use

    Can I Play On The Bus or Car?

    If you are travelling somewhere is it possible to play Pokemon go on the bus? There are some limitations to this, but it is possible to somewhat play

    What Does Shaking Grass Mean?

    When travelling around the map there are sometimes areas in the grass with leafs floating around. What does shaking grass mean when its on the map?

    Does Height Or Weight Affect Pokemon Strength?

    Sometimes a captured Pokemon will be XL or XS for height or weight. Does height or weight affect Pokemon strength when training Pokemon?

    How Long Does It Take For A Pokestop To Refresh

    After visiting a pokestop it will turn purple and become unavailable for a period of time. How long does it take for a pokestop to refresh

    What Is The Best Pokemon To Use

    There are a lot of Pokemon to choose from in Pokemon Go. Which one is the best Pokemon to use and why should you use it to battle with.